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***** yeah!!! i did it,nothing can stop me,i fnished my school with success,now,i'm going to the high school thi september,let's roll!!!!

success in newgrounds

2012-04-07 05:42:30 by VINNIE-CAST

after 2 years,i still trying to make a movie and then a series like madness combat,pico ecc


2012-04-04 14:20:58 by VINNIE-CAST

i need help about what type of programms to use for making movies,videogames ecc...
can you help me gaving me some names? thanks


2012-04-01 12:36:01 by VINNIE-CAST

it's april 1st guys! i can't wait for the biggest event of the WWE: WRETLEMANIA!!!!


2012-02-15 10:16:10 by VINNIE-CAST

this is awsome, learning how to hack music in 20 seconds will make me a king haha


2011-12-21 10:04:58 by VINNIE-CAST

2 weeks ago i thought life is tuff and crap,but in 7 days everything is change:people are not trying to screw you anymore but they start to respect you like a friend;in these days i learnt how to be friendly for everybody,i learnt how to love,how to say "thanks" to someone.
No more fight,i don't feel any negative waves in my heart,i'm a new man,i hold on for 10 years with a little bit of hopeness and after all i've been payed for my mistakes.
I just want to say thanks to all of you newgrounders and Tom Fulp.

gta V

2011-11-02 11:44:27 by VINNIE-CAST

wabuad? Cha!One love to all of my breget in NG today will the day of grand theft auto V,the final chapter of ya.
Bloodclat,i'm going to buy it as soon as possyble.
Who don't like GTA series?Who don't wanna shoot people's bums? Who don't wanna be rich and powerful ya?
Now.......20 minutes to go!!!!
16:40-19 minutes to go
16:45-14 minutes to go but i wrote all this in 1 minutes haha but i guess this will be
16:50- 9 minutes to go the same for all the world
16:55 - 4 minutes to go


2011-07-26 03:29:44 by VINNIE-CAST

HA! i'm making simple and powerful viruses to destroy other computers of someone who fucks with me! you need some virus for hang program,hurting the hard disk tell me,i will make one for you free but be careful:don't open it!


2011-04-28 09:44:54 by VINNIE-CAST

happy bitrhday tom!!!!! this saturday it's your birthday . you got 33 years old!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

you can't watch your favorite movie on the TV?
you really wanna watch it too if you gotta kill yourself?
you wanna do all for that movie?
don't do it you gotta only search on "google" the name of your movie and streaming (example:8mile streaming) and enjoy.
maybe there in U.S.A. there's no website where you can watch free movies but here in italy yes
try to find it.
hope you enjoy :)